Health and Safety Hazards



The health and safety hazards for new RubWPC along with fire performance will be verified in the programme, especially through product certification, Indeed, recycled rubber granulates are widely used for sport, equestrian, playground and other surfaces. The toxicity of recycled rubber granulates had been studied before the introduction of rubber based products into these markets. No VOCs, dioxins or other toxins release into air and soil during tests with recycled crumbs and burned recycled rubber granulate was found through a variety of laboratory and field tests (OEHHA, 2007). Fire properties for the WPC materials were also widely studied, test standards and requirements were created (Ayrilmis, 2011, Malvar, 2001). Fire tests on recycled rubber sandwich panels were conducted and analysed. Relevant work was carried out in order to update standards to include fire properties of recycled rubber materials (Wrap, 2007).


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