36th month meeting @ Naples, Italy

22th September 2016 | Consorzio TRE

Photo of the 36th Month Meeting


33rd month meeting @ Uxbridge, United Kingdom

08th July 2016 | Brunel University

Photo of the 33rd Month Meeting


30th month meeting @ Alicante, Spain

01st March 2016 | Insa Turbo

Photo of the 30th Month Meeting


24th month meeting @ Chester, United Kingdom

14th October 2015 | Ecodek

Photo of the 24th Month Meeting


18th Month Meeting @ Girona, Spain

25th March 2015 | University of Girona


14th month meeting @ Naples, Italy

28th November 2014 | Consorzio TRE


10th month meeting @ Uxbridge, United Kingdom

9th July 2014 | Brunel University

6th month meeting @ Valencia, Spain

9th April 2014 | AIDICO

Photo of the 6th Month Meeting



Kick off meeting @ Uxbridge, United Kingdom

4th December 2013 | Brunel University

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